What is Findchips?

Findchips is a powerful search engine that aggregates and normalizes data from a wide range of sources in the electronic component market. Incoming data streams are processed and translated into a comprehensive view of a component's market data. Register with Findchips to experience powerful tools and features with a highly intuitive user interface.

What can I do with Findchips?

Price & Inventory Search

Price & Inventory Search

Findchips.com is easy to use, simply type in a full or partial part number to search for semiconductors, electronic components, and industrial supplies.

Findchips offers a single place to view up to date pricing and inventory from the world’s largest distributors. You can even limit results based on the quantity you need, in stock only, exact matches only, and filter by manufacturer.

We've even added a currency estimator.

Try performing a part family search or partial part search, like 2N7002, or search for an exact match part, like MMBT2222ALT1G, to see all price and stock options available.

Part Alerts

Part Alerts

Set part alerts from the Part Intelligence page on Findchips.

You can stay on top of your best purchasing options by setting email notification alerts for changes on a specific part number. Alerts can be set on purchasing considerations like stock quantity changes above or below a specific inventory amount.

This feature is available for free with a Findchips registration, where you will be able to view and manage all of your alerts in one place.

Register to try part alerts on Findchips today. Once you login, navigate to the part intelligence page and search for a part to set a new alert.

Part Intelligence

Part Intelligence

Whether you are a design engineer or a purchasing professional, you will find the Part Intelligence page very useful in your day-to-day work.

After performing a part search, you can click on the Part Intelligence tab to research Price & Stock, Insights, Purchasing Risk, Part Details, Design Risk, Alternate Parts, Resources and Related Parts.

Here are some part search examples that show the various great insights you can find on the part intelligence page. Check out LM321/MFNOPB or BAT54S.

Parametric Search

Parametric Search

From the Findchips.com homepage you can click the parametric search tab and simply type in product specifications you are looking for or you can scroll down to browse electronic parts by category to start your parametric search.

From here you can navigate by product classification and filter by the parametric values that are most important for your design.

Of course, once you have found that perfect part for your design, we also integrate the most up to date price and inventory details so that you can purchase directly from the distributors.

Try browsing for parts by category or filter and explore part data for all of the parts available in our Digital Signal Processors category.

Part Comparison

Part Comparison

The Part Comparison feature is accessible through our Parametric Search Experience.

Simply click on the checkboxes beside your desired parts within the parametric results table and click the Compare button to see a side-by-side comparison of the part data.

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